“WOW! I just can’t say enough about how gifted Deanne is. She sees so clearly and is miraculously able to articulate what she sees and hears in a way that’s very easy to understand. I felt so cared for, heard and understood. She helped me make sense of why I’ve had 2 miscarriages and reassured me that my baby is present and ready to be here with myself and my husband. I left her session feeling I got SOOOO much value out of the experience. I’d have stayed all day if she let me. My husband came to observe and really loved the experience too and was really glad he was there for it. She helped me communicate with my Spirit Baby to see if there’s anything he needs. She helped me make sense of patterns from my life and ego that were in the way and confirmed some physical steps I need to take to assure a healthy baby implants and is born to us. Can’t recommend her enough. Just book your time. You will not be disappointment.” - female client

"Deanne is a truly amazing and beautiful soul. Her professionalism and calm demeanor made my first Spirit Baby session a very memorable and positive experience. Her ability to communicate with both me, my husband and my Spirit Babies in such a trusting and caring way during the whole session was revealing and so much appreciated. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for almost two years and thanks to Deanne we know exactly what we need to do now to make it happen. I came away from my first visit feeling relieved and will never be able to truly express my gratitude for Deanne sharing her incredible talents and abilities. I am very much looking forward to our next visits and would highly recommend her to anyone else who is in need of some clarity and answers on their journeys. Thank you!" – female client

"My experience having a Spirit Baby session with Deanne was an amazing mix of emotions and feelings. At first I really didn't know what to expect from this session, but it was suggested to me as I had miscarried a twin pregnancy and was extremely lost and saddened by the whole experience. I had been looking for something to help me understand and cope better than what your doctor's tell you (and as we all know can sometimes seem passive and not important). However, this experience exceeded my expectations. The way Deanne connects with both you and your Spirit Baby is truly something you would need to experience to understand. I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to try it whether you've experienced a loss or not, trust me it's such a positive and uplifting experience and I can't wait to do it again. And did I mention I'm from Cochrane, AB and we had our session over the phone and it was still that powerful. I also can't wait to do an in person one with her when I'm in Vernon next!" - female client

"I had the pleasure of meeting Deanne and having a Spirit Baby session with her at 24 weeks pregnant. I had some friends see her while pregnant and I was very interested in hearing her insights. We had a previous miscarriage and I have some health conditions, so was a bit nervous about this pregnancy journey. She was bang-on with some of her questions and insights and she has totally put my nerves to ease. I left feeling more connected to my baby and filled with confidence and clarity. Deanne truly has a gift and if you have any hesitation about her session/service ….do not! The session was more than I ever could have anticipated and I cannot wait to go back and see her further along in my pregnancy." - female client

“I remember Deanne saying to me “the pregnancy feels so strong.” I will never know how to explain the impact those words had on me and how many times I clung to them during my pregnancy. I first saw Deanne at just a few weeks pregnant and already fear had set in. To be honest I think fear was a part of the equation before getting pregnant. Scenarios like premature birth, meconium aspiration, stillborn, or… the list goes on. I am a NICU nurse. I love my job for the most part but I did struggle with fear in my own pregnancy partly because of what I do. Deanne helped me tremendously with this. I knew all the negative emotions were less than ideal and at the very least would have robbed me from experiencing the delight that is pregnancy. Deanne was able to see how I could picture these fictional scenarios and play them in my head as if I was watching a movie. She saw this despite the fact that I couldn’t even articulate it myself. She gave me such a useful tool which I would go on to use in my entire 38 weeks of pregnancy. I’ve even found myself using this tool now as Mitchell, my son, is a few months old. Deanne helped me navigate through many things that came up during pregnancy. I struggled with the idea of a changing family dynamic within my own family, as well as preparing for this baby financially, forgiving and accepting past resentment and many others. Deanne also helped prepare my body for surgery and the postpartum period including the journey Mitchell and I would take in breastfeeding. I know these sessions helped us in our transition after birth. Mitchell came out sucking and has been sucking on milk filled breasts ever since. I will never forget however when Deanne would connect to the baby and we could explore if he needed anything or if he was ok with things. She would tell me little bits of his personality which ring so true to who he is today. Deanne so greatly enriched my experience of pregnancy and allowed me to bond in such a deep and real way. She also calmed my fears, instilling not just hope and peace but so much excitement and depth to the experience of pregnancy as well. It truly was a remarkable and enriching experience.” - female client

"Deanne is an excellent listener and a true conduit for spirit. What she said resonated with me at the core and I am excited and inspired to see what the future holds. She was able to pick up on details that only a truly clear and connected person could pick up on. I loved my session with her and will be back in the near future" - female client

“My Spirit Baby session with Deanne was so wonderful and eye opening! She helped me in so many ways with peace of mind with my pregnancy and my past. She communicated with my Spirit Babies to make sure they were happy and healthy. She gave me a better understanding of how I can currently help my babies and how to help them grow in the future. She also helped me with my anxieties about my present life and to let go of things that have been bothering me so I can be free of worry as I get ready for my child. Both me and my hubby were very impressed with the session and left even more excited for our new journey into parenthood. Deanne is a very intuitive, open and a lovely woman who makes you feel comfortable throughout everything. I loved how informed and enlightened I felt when leaving her space. I will be returning to her in the future and would suggest her to anyone I know!!!” - female client

"My experience with Deanne was nothing short of a amazing. Straight from the moment we connected, she was so attentive – a gift straight from spirit. I walked away so calm and confident and not a doubt of where my fertility journey was going that’s how powerful my experience was with her! Deanne has a phenomenal connection with the spirit baby realm. Everything was so on point of what I was feeling in my own mediation’s I just new my spirit children sent her to me. I can’t wait to continue my journey with her” - female client

“My Spirit Baby session with Deanne was a truly transformational experience. I hung up the phone from the reading feeling awe-inspired, calm, peaceful, and excited in a way I haven’t felt in a very long time on this year + journey to try to conceive. My session with Deanne helped me turn a corner in this fertility journey — one towards more trust and belief in what is possible for our family. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the session. From the first moment, I felt safe with Deanne. She made me feel secure in the spirits she sensed, and even though there were challenges with one spirit in particular, she was able to use her amazing healing modalities and intuitive ways to carry our spirit forward and open up the conditions for his conception. Deanne is incredibly intuitive, and shares that intuition in a gentle, caring, but also really confident way. She restored belief in myself and in my husband and my future, and gave us practical tools and a plan to follow to encourage our spirit’s conception moving forward. We couldn’t be more grateful to Deanne for stewarding our babies’ spirits forward and I already can’t wait for our next session. Thank you!” – female client

Spirit Baby Pricing

Intake Session $225 (1.5-2 hours in length, includes typed summary)
Follow Up Session $100 per hour (These sessions are
typically 1 hour in length, if we require more time I do
charge accordingly)

-Price includes tax
-All new clients must do an intake session first
-You may require multiple sessions
-Pricing is the same for distant sessions

-Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, PayPal, Etransfer are accepted payments


What are Spirit Babies?
Spirit Babies are beautiful souls of children that are waiting to

incarnate here on earth. Spirit Babies find and pick their parents

according to their soul contracts. 
Do I have to be pregnant for Spirit Babies to show up?

No. These Spirit Babies can show up just about any time during

your life. Showing up years before conception can be a great way

to develop and start a relationship with your little one.
If I am pregnant is it too late to connect with my Spirit Baby?

Absolutely not. This is a wonderful time to deepen your connection

with your baby. You two are sharing energy now after all. This is

also a wonderful time to prepare for your upcoming trimesters and

birthing plans. It's important to involve your Spirit Baby in these

upcoming plans and a session can give them a voice to address any

concerns or to sing any praises!  
I am pregnant, will a session hurt my baby?
No. If anything your baby will get a nice 'buzz' from all the wonderful

love and energy in the room. The baby will receive the healing session

as much as you will.

Will this help my fertility struggles?
Yes! As we know the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our bodies are all connected. If one area isn't in YOUR 'perfect' balance, often times this creates an energy imbalance. By connecting in with this spirit, he/she can show me the imbalance and any blocks that could prevent you from becoming pregnant. And often times your fertility struggle may not be YOU. These Spirit Babies have a say in conception time lines and also have some energetic blocks they need to solve before coming earth bound. 
Do you work on other areas of fertility besides Spirit Babies?
Yes. Deanne is also an energy worker. Utilizing her background and relating it to fertility can help with many areas of concern, this includes post partum care.
I have miscarried, how can a session help?
By connecting into your Spirit Baby, we can look into the reason why the miscarriage happened and look at healing these areas to prevent future ones. It's also a time to understand the concept that when you miscarry you most definitely can become pregnant again with the same soul (Spirit Baby).
I terminated a pregnancy, where do I go from here?
A session supports you through this often difficult time and decision. Spirit Babies can stay around after a termination depending on circumstances. 

I am not sure if I want kids or not?
Sessions can often help validate your intuition in this area. There are times when Spirit Babies are not present in your life. This can be an indication that children aren't in your future or immediate future. Some clients can take relief in this, especially if they can't explain why they don't feel the need to have children and often feel ashamed for it. It's also to be noted, that just because a Spirit Baby isn't present at the time of session, doesn't mean that you can't and won't have children. You may just be in the time of your life where children aren't a priority therefore no need for you or Spirit Baby to set up shop. If your desire for children is there, and there isn't a Spirit Baby, than Deanne can call in this little one to connect into your life and soul.
What can I expect with session?
Most often you will be united with your Spirit Baby and we will have a deeper look at who he/she is. If you are thinking of conceiving soon there may be some bodywork involved with this session to prepare for this. Deanne also allows your body to have a say with session direction. This means that we may need to start with the basics and heal first before the Spirit Baby can come in. Or if you have had fertility trauma than most likely there will be healing alongside communication with your Spirit Baby.​ This is also a time to mention that if you’d like, you can most certainly bring your partner with you to session. This can often turn into some family healing time and create energy around conscious conception. 
Do I have to do anything after a session?
Once connected, these souls just want to be heard. They often will feel like part of your life before they are physically here in your life. Including your Spirit Baby in your thoughts, heart, meditations and life can open and develop a relationship prior to conception. Deanne can include tips and meditation practices that will help you connect with your Spirit Baby.