"Deanne's wisdom, experience and uncanny ability to read people intuitively combined with her extensive training in the BodyTalk System and Reiki make her a truly unique, powerful and gifted healer. I feel so blessed to have had the honor of working with her and have had so much emotional and physical healing under her observation. Her ability to hold space in a compassionate and non-judgemental way always makes me feel safe when I am in session with her. I look forward to our sessions so much as I know that each time we meet, there will be another layer of my healing addressed and shifted. Having Deanne as a BodyTalk practitioner has been a true gift in my life, and I am so grateful for out time together! Thank-you Deanne!" Female Client

"When I first met Deanne, I was immediately struck struck by her warmth and genuineness. In my sessions with her, she has been sensitive, respectful and obviously knows the BodyTalk System well. I always feel safe and heard by her. I have learned so much about myself and felt the benefits of her sessions at many levels. The quality I value most about Deanne is her unique intuitive ability that I have rarely seen in healing practitioners. I am grateful to have Deanne as part of my healing journey." - Female Client

"I cannot put into words how much BodyTalk has helped me deal with the issues that I have struggled with for years. The amount of guilt I had been hanging on to for the past 3 years seemed to be released from me after our first session. I felt GREAT! Everything Deanne explained to me that she saw was how I had been feeling and was me to a tee. After the 4 sessions that I have had with Deanne, it has made me feel so much better and happier with myself. I feel more balanced and in tune with my whole self again. I would recommend BodyTalk to anyone. Deanne, thank you again for everything!!" - Female Client

"I was unsure what BodyTalk was all about  because I had never heard of it before. But I was refereed to Deanne at Collective Healing by my mother who had a good experience with her and I was open minded and willing to try natural energy healing. I instantly felt comfortable meeting Deanne and was able to feel a very strong connection through her. After my first session with her I was very surprised at the emotion that was brought out in me as I burst into tears upon arriving home. Throughout my session we had touched base a lot about my father who has severe dementia and the struggles that I have had with it for many years and it just felt like a major release of things that I had bottled up inside of me for so long. I feel like it has been very therapeutic for me and I think it will be very beneficial for me to continue to see her. I would also recommend Deanne at Collective Healing for anyone else as well!" - Female Client

”Deanne has been instrumental in helping me reconnect my mind and body spiritually. A few years ago I suffered a bad work accident that affected me physically and mentally. These past six months working with Deanne have been incredible! My family and I have noticed my biggest shift to be in mental and emotional areas. I can not thank her enough for all that she has accomplished with me in our short period of time together!” - Male Client

After session you may feel tired, moody, happy, elated, relieved. Some even feel the energy swirling and moving throughout their body. There is no defining energy and the work that takes place in session, meaning just about anything can happen!


"Each session is uniquely structured to suit your body and your priorities. 3 sessions is a good starting point!"

"A healing session is a gift, allowing innate to heal your body, mind and spirit."


In the months previous to me seeing Deanne my physical health was in flux. I was dealing with congestion and digestion issues and had tried various alternatives. An acquaintance had told me about Deanne and I decided to see her --- it was the best decision I've ever made with regards to finding insight, wellness and balance for my life. It has shifted my physical, emotional and mental well-being to a new level and it's inspiring!!! Thank you Deanne --- I feel like my eyes hand heart have been opened wider than ever." - female client

"A friend told me about Deanne and the art of BodyTalk, in my desire to constantly look for tools to help me both emotionally and spiritually, I felt this would be very beneficial. Turns out it has been more so than I could have hoped for. Deanne is very easy to open yourself to, she articulates things better than I have been able to do for myself about myself. She brings calmness to me, I feel very safe in her hands and in her gift....I never heard of or experienced BodyTalk before and after several sessions I have learned more about myself, buried feelings I was aware of but didn't realize how significant the impact has been on my current health and my choices and beliefs in life. I have begun the process of removing the beliefs and layers that have accumuaoled over my lifetime...I hightly recommend this incredible gift if you are open to it both physically and spiritually. I feel you must be really ready in your life to approach it with such openness and allow yourself to go through the journey. The first time I met Deanne and after our first session I knew she would help me become unstuck and allow me to move forward. This is something I will continue with as long as needed. I hope this helps you in making the often difficult choice to move forward in your own life." Female Client

Thank you for a great session Deanne! Life feels clearer after I see you! - Female Client

“I initially booked my BodyTalk session to deal with lower back pain. Shortly after my session I departed on a trip to Mexico. The truth is I didn’t really give much thought to my session with Deanne and was surprised that it had completely fallen off my radar. Until my massage therapist asked me about it roughly a month later and had asked how my lower back was feeling. And to my surprise I noticed that my lower back might be feeling a lot better. And just today I was telling my husband how relieved I am that my back is markedly better than it has been in precisely 21 months. I didn’t understand how it could have steadily improved so much in the last couple of months. I was explaining energy work to my daughter and the body mind connection dawned on me and I was finally able to connect the dots. To you this is likely the obvious conclusion, but for a novice like me, and the fact that our session almost immediately fell from the forefront of my thoughts, is an absolutely stunning revelation. I have profound conviction that your service has stimulated my body’s natural ability to heal itself….and I can’t thank you enough!” - Female Client

"I met Deanne a few years ago, and was instantly drawn to her professionalism, inner beauty and calm approach to everything around her. The world of healing fascinates me, and I could sense that Deanne was special in many ways. I decided to try a healing session: WOW - and I don't say that lightly - I genuinely mean WOW! I found myself completely at ease with Deanne as she gently evoked our sessions, and through my own Qi work, I knew she was tapping into very important, private and delicate areas of "me" and my life. With Deanne's session and gentle guidance, I found clarity and direction for decisions I was to make, and felt emplowered to be the person I am, in a stronger and more confident way. I can highly recommend Deanne Crewe from Collective Healing, she will truly rock your world, and help you make the changes you seek, and create the life that you can love!" - Female Client

"My 'First Encounter' with Deanne Crewe was very professional, relaxing and insightful. Having no preconceived expectations I was open to the experience and I can now say that Deanne has an incredible gift. She was able to quickly assess and understand the areas of stress that needed attention. Her insight was amazing and since treatments I have experienced improvements in the areas that I had expressed concerns with. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is open to this type of treatment as the patient must also be willing participate." Male Client

"Deanne is incredibly attuned. I appreciate her confidence, straightforwardness, genuineness and humility. She is a good communicator and is skilled in what she offers. It is obvious to me that she trusts herself and the process, and this has made it very easy for me to trust her. Deanne and I do distance sessions together and I am always in awe of how much she 'gets' me and what I am experiencing in my life. Deanne has helped to clarify many aspects of my life path and after each session I feel an unencumbered openness and a deepening faith in myself and in my life. Deanne is professional and skilled and I appreciate that she phones exactly when she says she will call. Working with Deanne has aided in taking me to a deeper level of knowing myself, and for this I am very grateful!" - Female Client

“It was two years since my husband abruptly died and my heart was still so very heavy. I was seeking anyone and everyone that I thought could help. But they didn’t…. until Samantha Plovie, at Chi Solutions referred me to Deanne knowing that she would be able to help me with my grief and feelings of loss amongst other things. She was right! I am thrilled to say that I am gradually handling fears that I felt were real, but I had no coping skills to handle them. Deanne has a kind soul and I feel she reaches into the spirits of the universe to help us. They communicate with her and that brings and brought comfort to me. The benefits I have received are clearer thinking and reasoning in my day to day life and future. My husband died falling down only a few steps on a staircase. I was weary and unable to walk up or down hanging tightly onto the railing feeling burdened and unable. I now freely walk up and down one step at a time, not both feet on one step before taking another. I am able to feel like I have a new start on life and that I deserve it. She has helped me eliminate the heartburn and anxiety that I felt on a daily basis. I am pleased to say I have now referred my daughter and grand-daughter to Deanne. I know she will help them achieve a happier, healthier life.” - Female Client

General Health Pricing

Intake Session $140(1-1.5hours in length)
Follow Up Session $90 per hour (These sessions are

typically 1 hour in length, if we require more time I do

charge accordingly)


-All new clients must do an intake session first

-Pricing is the same for distant sessions
-Pricing includes tax

-Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, PayPal, Etransfer are accepted payments

What is BodyTalk? 

BodyTalk is a safe, gentle and non-invasive form of energy healing founded by Dr. John Veltheim. Communication within your body is very important, even down to the cellular level. BodyTalk works to restore this communication thus restoring balance within you. To do this we use the innate of your body to 'talk' through session and reveal the circuits that have been disrupted, distorted or diseased. Once this has been revealed we use a series of tapping and energetic protocols created by the BodyTalk System that will restore the health of these circuits. These circuits include physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. In session we look at treating the body as a whole not symptomatically, this is what we call holistic therapy.

What is Mediumship?
A practitioner of Mediumship acts as a conduit of communication between the living and the deceased. Messages from spirit are loving, informative, healing and help bridge that gap you feel with those that you have lost.

What is Jikiden Reiki?
This is a simple but powerful form of energy transmission from the universe handed down to the practitioner who then shares with the client.

What is Pranic Healing?
Prana represents healing energy received from the Earth, Sun and Air. This non-touch healing modality utilizes Prana to heal, harmonize and cleanse the body and the energy centers called Chakras.

What are Spirit Babies?

See Spirit Baby page for more information.