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It is with passion that Deanne brings Collective Healing to the Okanagan Valley. Her studio is nestled in beautiful Vernon, British Columbia offering sessions both in person and over the phone, reaching clients from all over. Collective Healing focuses on General Health and Fertility Healing using Spirit Baby Mediumship.

​Deanne desired to start a practice in the healing arts because of her own health. For most of her life she had ongoing vertigo, anxiety, parasites, digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, toxicity, food/environmental intolerances and autoimmune disease.

"My journey back to health was expedited by the use of energy work. I knew I had to share this gift with the world. If I could get better, than others could too. I felt I had a renewed sense of hope that everything was going to be ok, even though for a very long time it hadn't been. I was even able to work through the emotional challenges that having poor health had created. Having a deep understanding about illness, and balancing life stressors I am very passionate and welcoming to clients who have general health or life challenges; both current or past."

​Being a clairvoyant and having an innate ability to see and communicate with energy and spirit, Deanne started her education learning different healing techniques.

"Reiki was a good starting point. Getting a feel for the energy and becoming a powerful vessel for the light was a great way to start my career!"

​Next Deanne found a scientific formalized training called BodyTalk. Deanne has learned many of the core courses and advanced courses leading her now to study supplemental courses that focus on catering to her clients. Her training has evolved to also include Mediumship and Spirit Baby Mediumship.

"Years before I had started my education, I was doing a meditation with my (now) husband and clairvoyantly saw a child with us. I burst into tears as I didn't know who she was but I was both curious and joyful. Exploring her energy over a couple of days, it became clear that she would be our child one day - This was my first experience with my Spirit Baby"

​Once Deanne was a practicing facilitator of healing sessions, it became abundantly clear that other children were waiting with their mothers (and fathers too!!) to be born. She was then given a book by a dear friend called: Spirit Babies - How to Communicate with the Child You Are Meant to Have by Walter Makichen. It was through this book that her gift in Spirit Baby Mediumship was finally understood and recognized. Spirit Baby sessions are now a specialization within Collective Healing; connecting sweet souls to their parent(s) and healing any fertility burdens along the way.

"The work of Spirit Babies is so rewarding and also so unexpected. I never in a million years thought my practice would take me to this area of healing. I don't take this responsibility lightly and feel honored and committed to work in the presence of the Spirit Babies. These unbelievable souls have so much to say and/or feel. They desire to be heard and connected to their parent(s) and I am so excited to help do that. I look forward to sharing new concepts with my clients and the world of fertility."

​Bookings with Deanne are by appointment only. She looks forward to meeting you and starting or improving your journey towards healing!